5 Blogs You Must Follow.

For years, I have been obsessed with endless fashion blogs. The following blogs are the ones that I check daily, that inspired me to start a blog, and are just plain amazing. Follow these blogs and you will never be uninspired.

  1. Style Rookie- This phenomenal blog is so creative and unique. What really draws me to this blog is that the genius- the one that is featured in Vogue multiple times in one issue and it's no big deal, the one that started her own magazine- is my age. I love looking at her fabulous blog and getting inspired by a couple pictures.
  2. Sea of Shoes- I recently discovered this blog, and frankly, I'm obsessed. Jane has literally trillions of amazing pairs of shoes that I couldn't even dream of having and makes the best outfits out of them. The last time I read this blog, I read it back five months in one sitting. 
  3. Vintage Wanna Bee- This isn't really a fashion blog, but Nichelle has fabulous ideas, a great voice, and is one of those great bloggers that will reply to you no matter who you are. I did a guest post on her blog recently after caving in with myself and impulsively emailing her about my obsession with her blog.
  4. Fresh Squeezed Fashion- A good friend of mine named Molly started this blog recently, and I visit as much as I visit my favorite famous blogs. She has an amazing sense of style and posts things only that she actually cares about, which is great, because you can tell when a blogger really doesn't care about what they're writing about, but that she is passionate and devoted to her blog (ask me's are so informative!).
  5. Viva Fashion- This blog is so real world. I love how she buys a ton of her clothes at consignment stores, yet still has fabulous outfits. She has so many great parts of her blog, but above all, my favorite is Style Swap, which is taking celeb outfits and recreating them- flawlessly, and for a lot cheaper. This blog is a definite keeper!
Also Look Out For
  • Rookie Magazine: rookiemag.com 80% of the time, they have a fantastic, relate-able post that I absolutely love.
  • WhoWhatWear: whowhatwear.com This is my go-to site for fashion and trend reports, besides of course, style.com.
  • Picnik: picnik.com I edit the majority of my photos on here. It is, unlike a huge amount of other sites and programs, is actually in English and does not require formal training. When they shut down on April 19, it will be a terrible day.
  • P.S. I made this: psimadethis.com One word: Wow. I love this blog so much, words can't explain. I love how she shops on a shoestring and makes a her own version of the trend. And when I say make, I literally mean make. My only complaint is the low post amount per month.


  1. I will have to check these out :) Thanks for the tips girl

  2. I always love discovering new blogs! Thanks for sharing these!


  3. great post! i love this selection.


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