Tropic Time

I was flipping through my usual stack of magazines today (Minus Vogue- Barnes&Noble didn't even carry Vogue!), and I realized a major trend in all of these that I had otherwise missed: Hawaiian Prints. Suddenly, every page was tropical and sported a new floral. Boy, had I missed something!
Stella McCartney
Many people would be outraged by this sudden floral outbreak; I just find it downright hilarious! 
     Style is an art. Every designer is inspired by something new, and by their art they are putting a unique twist on things. I love how Stella and other designers took the whole tourist spiel and uprooted it- creating designs that are modern and up to date. This is perfect for resort wear: when I see this collection, all I can think about is the Tropics. 
     I'm not sure I will end up wearing this to such an extent that it's designed, but I will most definitely give this trend a try. I only advise this trend to the youngsters: it may age and take over you- especially if you are aging. Statement pieces like this are best worn if you're thirty or below. If you're older, go for bold colors like used and match them with tropical accessories. 

Marc Jacobs
Sometimes Marc can be hit-or-miss, but this is great. I love how he made the pop-y, sweet, colors- they remind me of a mix of a summer in Bermuda and a child's lemonade stand- paired with these sweet and simple glasses. Lexa would approve. Altogether, I am loving this look.
These designs are a bit more Palm Springs than the others- I like the preppy, yet tropical feel. The excessive use of white here makes the cute-sey colors pop even more. Couldn't get more perfect.
I really like how this look is so tribal, yet still a bit tropical. The visor on the first look gives it tourist appeal, like above, yet the hat on the second is a more serious, cultural look that goes with the Rastafarian-like colors in this tunic. It's very nomad-chic.

         In the back of my mind, I was sort of expecting this trend. I mean come on, Cheetah Prints were coming back in- what did you expect next, hot pink? This spring will be all about bigger, bolder florals, and bigger, bolder hues, makeup-wise.
Colored Lashes. This is kind of an odd one. I love how it gives a fresh, bright dynamic to the eye, as well as the entire look, without going too overboard (ha,ha, get it, overboard, resort wear?). From far away with the whole outfit in view, this is barely noticeable, but I bet when people approach, they will notice this subtle pop. I saw this look originally in Teen Vogue, but I'm sure it was used in shows and elsewhere.
Backstage a Dianne Von Furstenberg show, they gave their models Bright Lips- Especially Fuchsia. This nice pop of color brings together the look and makes the tropical patterns that have showy color really protrude. I love this look because it seems so do-able. I'm not too much of a makeup junkie myself- in fact I'm pretty hopeless at application, but lipstick is so simple that even I can follow this trend.

I'm thinking about making another From The Runway to the School day Post for this trend. Tell me what you think or ask me questions on Facebook! Thanks so much for reading!

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