Strips & Navy & Everything Nice

Hey guys! First of all, sorry again for being sparsely posting lately- school's been taking over! The good news is that Christmas is coming, and with Christmas comes lots more photo shoots (and maybe even a new camera)! Elli and I took some photos wearing our school clothes a few days ago, and the pictures turned out pretty well. Enjoy!
We found a mound of post-Sandy trash and decided it would give the shot some nice texture and depth with the brick wall.
This is a great shot of Elli, and I love the Bokeh in the background!
While we walked around town, instead of taking the usual main streets, we decided to walk up and down some alleyways and side streets for a change. The results were a nice change to the average background.
I love this shot of Elli so much! It's my favorite from the shoot; What is yours?
We found some grafitti that looked like a sailboat. With our obsession with sailing, how could we resist?
The tones of the brick really brought together this shot.
Elli and I are twins!
Don't you love her boots? They're the most adorable thing I've ever seen, literally!
Standing on random milk containers is a must!
Thanks so much for reading and be sure to leave us a comment- What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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