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This year at Fashion Week, there was a very unique trend going around- one that I am inevidably in love with. It brings my obsession of photography and puts it on clothes. What better suits me?
Mary Katrunztzou

These fiesty prints add proper and stiff attitude to any piece.
I really love this one because it looks like a normal dress from the top. The image is taken at such a cool angle that all of the detail can be at the bottom, letting the dress be simple and short. The one shouldered effect helped define the subject of the photo with the building.

I really love how big name designers have done this trend, but not living in New York, this trend seems somewhat unreachable and hard to acquire. Luckily, with help from my local Anthropologie, and a Vanity Fair photographer, I am all set. Full speed ahead.
Sarah Ball for Anthropologie Dress, $248.
Sarah Ball for Anthropologie Skirt, $188.
I will admit, this is a quite pricey collection. I love both the dress and skirt, but am still on the fence about shelling nearly three hundred dollars. We'll have to wait and see.

Overall, this trend is most definately a home run. It is something new and unique that totally encompasses both my love for photography and my love for clothes. I can positively say, I'm sold.

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