Designer Addiction

Which one do you like better?
Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress.               Dress from Target.
Did you like the first one better because it was Marc Jacobs? You could have.
What if I told you it was vice versa? As in the first dress is actually from Target, and the second one is Marc by Marc Jacobs. Did you just change your mind about your favorite? Don't worry, you're not alone.
A girl I knew in seventh grade's wardrobe literally consisted of just Hollister. No matter what is was- a dress that was just too short, or a graphic tee that was baggy, too long, and only said HOLLISTER CO. on it. Don't get me wrong, I am all for having a favorite designer- for me it's Valentino. But really, where the item is from should not encompass your likeness of it or not.

Do you really think these would more flattering...

Than These?

I don't know why a simply embroidered Moose, Seagull, or other logo should be able to raise a price by so much.

Is a moose at the bottom really worth $75? That's the difference in price from the first to the second.

             Would you rather have clothes that have personality and that flatter you? Do you make A&F and other stores just because the rest of your school goes there? Or do you look for new stores that are unique and don't use you as a walking billboard? Stores like A&F, Hollister, UGG, and Juicy Couture are mass produced. They put quantity over quality because in the end, they end up making more money. 
              Just because you're wearing Juicy Couture sweatpants everywhere you go doesn't change the fact that you're wearing sweatpants everywhere. A designer's name plated everywhere is just making you a walking billboard.  Stores like Anthropologie and Madewell have great quality clothes that won't have you walking around announcing where you bought them to everyone.
That's why February is Designer Awareness Month at FH. This month, we want you to email us your greatest outfits and ideas- but not from famous or over-popular designers. Instead of stopping in XXI with your extra cash, try out a local boutique. This month, it's not about the brand you're wearing, but how great the outfit is. Don't be drawn to an item because it is expensive, but because it looks expensive. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Would you still buy that graphic tee because Wal-Mart is plastered all over it, not your favorite brand?
  • Is the piece advertising where you bought it?
  • Could you find the same piece elsewhere- possibly for less?
  • If possible, would you still be drawn to the clothes in a few weeks-or months? Or would you not think of them again? Impulse has a lot to do with these kind of designers.
  • Are you just buying it because it's on sale? 
So, are you ready? Shop for unique pieces and things that you'll be glad you bought. Stay away from brands that everyone has and that makes you a walking billboard. Tell us on Facebook, or send us an email to The best outfit pictures and ideas could make it to Fashion Hauties!

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