Warehouse Buys!

Hey guys, just wanted to do a quick post on my purchases from a warehouse sale (Where local boutiques and designers get rid of their inventory and put everything on sale at crazily low prices!). I went to over the weekend. I didn't get much, but what I did get I love! Check it out:
Melissa pretzel sandals, originally $84. Purchased for $10.
These sandals are amazing. I was in need of some fun sandals, and these gladiator-pretzel style was exactly what I was looking for. They're sized really big, so my usual 7.5-8.5 fit perfectly into a size seven. Besides looking great, I can't wait to wear these because they actually are comfortable! Just when I get cute sandals, Punxsutawney Phil had to ruin this great springlike weather and decide on six more weeks of winter. But who knows- maybe we'll get some snow (perfect for my duck boots!)! 
Kensie Girl windbreaker, originally $96. Purchased for $16.
I had been eyeing this jacket for about a month, but I wasn't willing to throw out basically a hundred bucks on a windbreaker. The sale came to the rescue! This is an extremely lightweight jacket- I won't be wearing it till next month at least- but I love the color. This metallic blue is perfect with nearly anything and always gives a whole new vibe to my outfit (as shoes and jackets always do!) once I throw it on.

If you'd like more information about the sale, I advise that you look up your local boutique district and check what they have scheduled. The one closest to me has a Warehouse Sale, Sidewalk Sale, and a Scavenger Hunt annually which brings in huge savings and tons of freebies. The one warning I have about this kind of sale is to be prepared to wait in line: Molly and I were in like for about two hours (after arriving right when the sale was due to start) just to get to the deals. But thinking about it, it was well worth it- I got two new designer pieces for basically 70% savings in total. My advice: come armed with a good friend, some Starbucks, and a camera- that will make it even more worth the wait!

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