Birdly Desire

Designers minds' have gone to the birds this spring. This is a very easy to replicate trend, and styled the right way, the outfit can be a winner. I haven't gotten ahold of a bird print yet, but it is for sure at the top of my shopping list. I'll let all of you know when I find a great one!
Carolina Herrera
I especially love this one because it is a nice alternative to the clique floral print of spring. Birds are awesome and unexpected- great visual appeal.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
This one is so cool and graphic- it reminds me of a techno eighties feel, but the nice tea dress is perfect for a spring picnic.

New Look dress from Barganista Fashionista.

These awesome prints are fun and unexpected and perfect for spring! I can't wait to soar into this peculiar trend (pun intended)!


  1. I love all these dresses--yours is great!

  2. lovely!
    Love Lois xxxx


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