Get ready for this fashion breakthrough! Springtime Layers.

At the end of February, you've gotta love that sweet seventy-degree weather that's just begging for you to laze around in. Disregard homework until after dark, spend all of your spare cash on walks to cafes and corner stores cheerfully with your friends. Spring is just oozing with amazingness. One thing that I realized was missing from my wardrobe was things to wear in this perfect weather. Layer, layer, layer.
A fun, printed 3/4-sleeve cardigan brightens up a blah day when you want to just throw on a graphic tee. 
Pump up the pastels!
Molly emphasizes pretty purples by layering them and sweetening things up with white stripes.
Isa did a great thing here: layering a long sleeved tee with a cheery tank can really brighten up a blah rainy day.
Using lace as a bottom layer can give some great texture and give the whole outfit some fun visual interest while wearing softer tones.
Navy and white have great contrast, but what really pumps up this look is the asymmetrical necklace from gap.
Elli put on this soft sweater on a cloudy day, and I have to say, the cream really makes her red hair POP!
This floral look is great for home and school. The print from the tank looks amazing matched with the clip in the hair.

Here's a fun set from Polyvore that I made:

                   Layer Me Crazy
I want to hear from you what your favorite pieces are to layer and how you layer them! Email me at See you soon!

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