Plaid Needs To Get a Life

Dear Abby,
My sister is obsessed with plaid. What do I do?!
-Emily M
Hi Emily, First off, I'm not one for judging other's styles. What they're wearing is what they're wearing and what they like is what they like. If it's a certain piece or occurrance  in a wardrobe, not the entirety, it may be time for some intervention, but that person should be able to stay with their style and not have to be forced away from what they like. Although, in some instances, it could be bad to let them go with awful clothes.

Of course, I had to include a What Not to Wear clip. The song is phenomenal.

Anyways, plaid isn't that bad- in small doses.
This simple skirt is great bemuse part of the plaid is metallic. Unique plaids are great because they aren't too school-uniform-y and boring.
If you're sick of plaid and want something new, find a new classic print to work with.
Checks and Balances
Checks are perfect if you're addicted to plaid and need to ease your eyes. It's a great, patterned alternative- and can be found practically anywhere- this one if from Target.
Not-So-Subtle Stripes
Stripes are a fun, easy to find and pull of print that will look great casual, or dressed up as Molly did with the wedges. 
Still not convinced? Look for brightly colored plaid to mix it up and give a fresh take on things.
Multicolored tops can give the satisfaction that plaid does with a classic look, yet be harmless and unique. Tank from Old Navy.
Sweet florals are perfect for finding something new. Dress from Marmalade.
Add texture, like this lace top, for some pizzazz. Top from Heritage.
If you like classic plaids, try a subtler approach by wearing a plaid scarf with your favorite leather jacket.

I hope this helps- plaid overdose is in need of a modern prescription! Good luck!

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