Proof That You Can Have an Amazing Photo Shoot, Regardless of Where You Are

One huge factor in photo shoots is where. Sometimes, you can feel like your location will majorly degrade the quality of the shots you get. I'm here to prove you wrong.
Elli and I hit the bathrooms-Yes, the bathrooms- for this shoot. We hope you enjoy!
I think this is my favorite from the bunch. I'm contemplating photoshopping the mirror image to make it look different from the original.
A fun group shot!
My hair is getting so long! I love ribbons- they add so much personality to an otherwise boring look like a ponytail.
I love Elli's green pants! They have an amazing contrast with her red hair and the umbrella. Not to mention colored jeans are the best thing since acid wash!
They angle here is awesome. I love how weird the photo is- it has a childish, sort of mysterious vibe that reminds me of clowns or jokers.
Another shot of the hairbow!
This is another favorite. We were sitting in a bathroom and we managed to get a cool, angled shot. Your creativity can always take your photos to the next level. If you have an idea, no matter how crazy it may seem, go for it!
Here's another shot of the fantastic jeans! I love the mirror, and here, again, is a perfect example for making the best of a totally random and weird-seemingly useless-photo oppertunity!
I love this because you really can't tell which one is the 'real' me! This shot is so fun!
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  2. Those pants are rocking! Cool mirror picture!

  3. The pictures look so professional! :)


    1. I started blogging last April, took a break, then begun again in November! And thank you!


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