Green Shorts Once More!

Isa and I had another green shorts photo shoot while we were walking around downtown. I hope you enjoy! 
Top from Anthropologie and shorts from J. Crew.
My first attempted french braid turned out to be a success! These will be regular in the near future!
Isa's eyes are so pretty!
I love this shot!
The best part of this picture is the pure symmetry in the background. Perfect measurements!
My necklace which I wore as a bracelet that I've had for years is from Mudd.
This is my favorite shot from the bunch!
I'd call this Blue Rhapsody.
Next, we headed down to the river. We got some cool shots with the rocks looking like black sand on a beach. They turned out really cool with the silhouette!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this quick shoot!

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