Dear Abby: Fashion Edition- The Shoes of Summer

Dear Abby,
In the winter I always have a pair of shoes to wear however, now that the weather is getting warmer I have found myself only wearing flip-flops and Sperries. I love a pair of rainbows as much as the next girl but I NEED some variety in my footwear. I don't really like toms and would prefer to stay away from heels- I'm looking for a casual look I could wear to school. What would you recommend?
Summer is so fun to wear statement footwear! Here are a few of my favorite looks:

Pretzel Sandals
The Jelly material and criss-cross pattern of these sandals make them unique and wearable. Sandals by Melissa, $84.
These floral Espadrilles by Etienne Alexander, $39, are so cute and beachy. Worn with a chambray shirt and khaki shorts, you've got ultimate perfection.
Colored Sperries are a perfect way to spice things up and have a unique look. Sperry for J. Crew, $98. I especially love the orange ones!
Glitter T-Strap sandals from Steve Madden, $30 will add the perfect amount of sparkle to your look without bringing on too much bling.

Minnetonka Mocs, $30. These mocs have a great bohemian vibe that would look dazzling with vintage high waisted denim shorts!

Neetlepoint loafers are great! They're unique, comfortable, and elongate the leg. Get a pattern that you like or get them monogrammed- they'll polish off any look!
These leather sandals are not only super strappy, but have a micro heel! The heel is visible, but will not be any different from walking in a normal shoe because they're so low. Madewell, $138.

I hope your summer shoe endeavors go well!
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