Going Basic

Hey Guys! I hope you've had a great week so far! Elli and I decided to shoot with white background for some minimalistic change- and the results were great!
I didn't get the white balance right on these, but I still like the way they turned out.
I decided to try my hand at photoshopping levitation. How do you like it?
We got a few dramatic shots on the stairwell.
They had a mound of cardboard boxes laying out, and they worked great with the lighting.
Love this one of Elli!
Not cool.
{Skirt: Talbots. Top: Madewell.}
Of course, we went back to the white wall in the end.
I can't decide which headshot I like better. The top's rotation isn't the best, but my expression in the bottom one is rather cold. Help me decide!
I love these two of Elli!
This one reminds me of a dancer's headshot.

Thanks for reading, guys! Have a great day!

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